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Cameron B – Moving Forward From Addiction

Cameron B. is a resident currently in Phase III of Turnbridge’s long term drug rehab program.  Like many of those who suffer from addiction, Cameron has struggled through several attempts at rehab in the past, only to fall back into old habits.  Since coming to Turnbridge, however, he has discovered a desire to live a sober life, and he is working hard to maintain it and help others along the way. Cameron began using drugs in his freshman year of high school, starting with alcohol and marijuana.  As time progressed, he began experimenting with prescription drugs.  By his senior year, he was a “full-blown opiate addict,” and he began to shirk his responsibilities as a student and as a son. How to Move Forward From AddictionCameron managed to graduate high school, but was placed on academic suspension during his first semester of college.  His parents convinced him to seek help for his addiction, beginning a process of addiction treatment and relapse that included six primary treatment programs before Turnbridge.  “After the fourth treatment I started smoking crack,” Cameron said.  “I was doing what I had to do to get my next fix.  Every second I was thinking of a way to steal or lie, anything I could do to go get the drugs.” When Cameron’s mom told him about Turnbridge, he was initially skeptical but decided to try the program.  “I wasn’t ready to fully commit to getting sober,” Cameron said.  “That’s where my mindset was.  About five or six weeks into Phase I, I met a couple of guys that helped me to move forward, and to stop isolating.” The community that Turnbridge has created for its residents helps to foster a supportive group of young men, and this camaraderie and mutual understanding, is what helps many residents like Cameron work the program and stay sober.  “The case managers pushed me, and I had a lot of support from the guys at Turnbridge,” Cameron said.  These new friendships helped usher Cameron along his road to recovery, urging him to attend meetings, get a sponsor, and work his program.  By the time he entered Phase II, he knew that being sober was the right move for him. “The support from all of the guys is still to this day really key to me moving forward in my sobriety,” Cameron said.  “The things that help me the most are my relationships with the guys and the activities that we do.”  Cameron has found that being sober isn’t bad, and you can live and have fun without drugs.  He plans on getting a job at Turnbridge as a way of giving back to those coming in, and to Phase I residents, he offers the following advice: “come in with an open mind, and good things will come.” “Turnbridge changed my life,” Cameron said.  “I am completely hopeful, and life is great today.  I wake up every morning with a smile on my face.  Before I had no motivation and no determination; now I’m full of both.  My parents taught me never to give up, to keep moving forward, and I’m really implementing that in my life.  My relationship with my family has done a complete 180.  When I talk to them they can hear the happiness in my voice, and they don’t have to worry about me 24/7.  Throughout this whole program I feel as if I’m becoming a man.  I’m being more responsible, and I’m growing up day by day.  Life is looking good.  I’ve started moving forward.  What I went through kind of made me a stronger, and a better person.”