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Recreation: Flight Trampoline Park

This month, Turnbridge’s Phase I residents and Support Staff members loaded up the Suburbans and headed off to Flight Trampoline Park in New Britain, Connecticut.  The Trampoline Park is a favorite activity among the residents and Recreation Coordinator Casey Olayos makes sure to schedule a trip at least once a month.  “The guys always seem to like the trampoline park,” Casey said. “There are a lot of different things they can do there – they can play dodgeball, trampoline basketball, and a number of other activities.  It lets the residents release some sweat, get some competition and shows them that being sober can be fun.”

Thomas B., a resident of Phase I, had a blast on the trip.  “The Trampoline Park is awesome,” said Thomas.  “You can do flips and play dodgeball and get out of your head for a little bit.”  

At Turnbridge’s residential drug rehab, recreational activities play a crucial part of the program.  It is extremely important for young men in early sobriety to realize that it is possible to have fun without the use of drugs or alcohol.  “You can definitely have fun in sobriety,” said Brendan F., a Phase I resident.  “The Trampoline Park made me feel like a little kid again.”  These activities also give residents the opportunity to bond with one another, and with staff members, while gaining new experiences in settings other than locations they are used to.