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Mike R Mends Relationships Broken by Addiction

Mike R. is a resident currently in Phase III of Turnbridge’s Preparative Care program.  Like many other alcoholics and addicts, the progression of Mike’s addiction was fast and his most valued relationships were damaged, but his path in recovery has led to profound healing and change.

addiction’s impact on relationshipsMike began smoking marijuana at age 13, which quickly progressed to the use of dangerous prescription medications.  Soon after being turned onto these types of substances, Mike was arrested and sent away to a 12-Step boarding school for 14 months.  Unwilling to hear any sort of message, he returned home at age 15 and fell back into his old circles and familiar patterns.  He began smoking marijuana again and a week later was back into the prescription drugs.  Around age 16, when prescription drugs became too expensive, Mike turned to heroin.  “That’s when everything fell apart,” said Mike.  “That was the only thing I cared about.  I didn’t go to school because of it, my relationships with my family were destroyed, but as long as I had [heroin] I was happy.”

At age 18, Mike was arrested again due to his using and charged with a felony.  He finally admitted to his family that he had a serious issue and needed help.  “I just had had enough,” declared Mike.  His family helped him enter a 30-day primary care treatment facility, which recommended Turnbridge’s long term drug treatment program as part of his discharge planning.  Mike was initially hesitant to some of the suggestions by staff members and others, but has become involved in the community and made a great deal of progress.  “It is all laid out for you here, you just have to want to help yourself,” said Mike.  “You will see the gains if you are willing to change.  Everything has changed for me – the way I think, the way I prioritize things, just the way I act in general.”  

Mike has even started to repair the relationships with his parents that were once broken.  “When I was using I never even talked to my parents.  Me and my family are really close now,” said Mike.  Recently, Mike’s progress and hard work were recognized by Turnbridge and he was offered the responsibility of working as a member of the Support Staff at Phase II of the program.  Mike accepted the position and has been a diligent employee.  “[As Support Staff], I get to help people who were in a position I was in a few months ago,” said Mike.  “It’s very cool to see the guys move their lives forward.”