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Kevin S: Rebuilding Life After Addiction

Prior to coming to Turnbridge, Kevin’s life was falling apart.  “I was no longer a member of my family; I was absent as a son and a brother; my sole focus was getting high,” said Kevin.  “Life was heading towards a dramatic conclusion if I didn’t do something soon to change. My parents had to beg me to come home to eat dinner with them and when I was there all I could think about was how I was going to steal money from them.” 

How to Rebuild Your Life After AddictionKevin’s parents saw the addiction and associated behaviors spiraling out of control and decided they were not going to stand idly by.  In an effort to save their son’s life, Kevin parents decided to intervene. “My parents made an appointment with a therapist for all of us,” said Kevin.  “I’m diabetic and wasn’t taking care of myself and had a blood sugar crash right in the parking lot of the therapist’s office. The medics were called, they brought me back and I went into the appointment. This was the tipping point for me.  I surrendered and took their suggestions and shortly made it to a rehab in Pennsylvania.”

“While in Pennsylvania, Turnbridge, a long term drug rehab, became an option,” said Kevin.  “We all knew I needed more help.”

Having never experienced anything like Turnbridge before, Kevin went through an initial period of nervousness. “It was a little weird; I was out of my element living with a bunch of guys being sober,” Said Kevin.  Once he settled in and began participating the result surprised him. “I started doing what was asked of me,” said Kevin.   “I built strong friendships with a group of kids that I arrived with. There were good and bad days, but it was really the friends I made that helped me get through the times I doubted myself and my ability to do this.”  

“I started to embrace the culture and began my own program of recovery through Turnbridge’s help and began building a life for myself that I wanted to protect.  I started doing things that I was proud of; I became a member of my family again.”

At the end of Kevin’s stay, he continues to be amazed. “Graduating TP was probably the single most rewarding achievement in my life,” said Kevin.   “It was difficult but it enabled me to build a life for myself that I’m proud of.  I’m doing more than I thought was possible.  I’m still maintaining my program of recovery with 12 step meetings.  I maintain relationships with my friends, both in and out of TP. I’m still going to school and now I’ve gotten hired by TP as Support Staff. I have now been given a chance to give back.”  Currently, Kevin lives independently in Connecticut with a few of his fellow Turnbridge graduates.