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Brian M: Learning to Overcome Issues with Substance Abuse

Brian M. successfully completed the Turnbridge drug rehab program, and graduated at the end of September.  Brian came to Turnbridge from his home in Westchester, New York after several unsuccessful attempts to maintain sobriety while living at home. At 20 years old, Brian’s road to recovery has already been long and trying for himself and his family. However, since coming to New Haven, Brian is accomplishing things he never thought were possible.

battling issues with substance abuseBrian’s issues with substance abuse began at age 13, when he began experimenting with multiple substances.  It did not take long for his addiction to progress.  “I think it was when I hit high school that things really started to go downhill,” Brian admits.  “I was attending a private catholic school, but when I switched to public school I began frequently using hard drugs.”  At age 15, Brian entered his first treatment center.  The concepts he heard about addiction did not sink in, as Brian chalked his problems up to youth.

Despite struggling through addiction, Brian managed to graduate high school, but his issues continued to progress in college.  He was quickly forced to drop out of school, and he enrolled in an intensive outpatient program near home.  After a few lapses, Brian and his family heard about Turnbridge drug rehab center from a friend who was thriving in the program.  They discussed the idea and made the decision to enroll.  Brian was initially resistant to the advice that he got and the idea of twelve-step recovery, but the loss of a friend motivated him to open his mind to new concepts.

“I resisted when I first got to Turnbridge,” Brian confessed.  “I totally messed around and didn’t take anything seriously, but then when a friend of mine passed away, it was a wake-up call for me.  I began to realize how truly serious drug addiction is.  Among other things, I got a sponsor and started to work the steps and my life started to get better.”

Brian has worked for the past seven months at local business and is taking classes at a community college in hopes to transfer to one of the Universities in New Haven.  “I was never ever to hold a steady job before I got here,” said Brian.  “I see that I have a future now, where for the longest time I didn’t know what would happen next.”