CASEY OLAYOS - Unsung Hero

Casey Olayos is Turnbridge's Unsung Hero

Casey Olayos is Turnbridge's Unsung Hero for the Month of January. Casey began working for the program while he was a resident. During his time in Phase III, he became House Manager, and toward the end of his stay he started working as a member of the Support Staff. Casey currently serves as Support Staff Manager, and he has recently taken on the additional responsibilities of Recreation Coordinator. As a graduate of the Turnbridge program, Casey uses his personal experiences in recovery to aid current residents in their own journeys. "I couldn't have done it without Jon Stewart helping me transition," Casey said. "I had a phenomenal experience with Turnbridge. I have the life I have today because of going through Turnbridge." "I don't look at it like a job. I love coming into work every day. Being someone that went through the program, the young guys can relate and they see that I have a good life, and that I'm not miserable now that I'm sober. I try to be a good role model. I love what I do. It's something that I love, and I plan on making it a career."