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GRANT YOUNG – Unsung Hero

Grant Young is Turnbridge's Unsung Hero for the month of February.

  Grant Young is Turnbridge’s Unsung Hero for the month of February. Grant is a member of the Support Staff for Phase III, and has been for the past six months. As Support Staff, Grant is responsible for ensuring that residents are safe, sober, and continuing to develop a balanced schedule. His primary goal is to provide support to the residents under his care. “It’s called support staff for a reason,” Grant said. “Whenever a guy gets down, I can talk to them and I can be there for them. I support them, and I’m with them literally every single day.” The most rewarding part is when a guy overcomes his struggles and is able to complete the program. According to Grant, The most rewarding part of his job is seeing a guy overcomes his struggles and complete the program; “Seeing the light bulb go off, seeing them actually get it.”