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SAM COHEN – An Unsung Hero

SAM COHEN - An Unsung Hero

It is our distinct pleasure to announce Sam Cohen as Turnbridge’s Unsung Hero for the month of September. As a Phase I Case Manager, much of Sam’s responsibility revolves around helping the guys “Show up for Life.” He helps them concentrate on skills of daily living, including time management and personal hygiene. Phase I also places a strong emphasis on 12-Step Immersion, helping residents to build relationships in the local recovery community and develop a relationship with a sponsor. According to Sam, the most difficult aspect of his job as case manager is “manufacturing willingness,” where there sometimes is none. Many of the residents come to Turnbridge involuntarily, and Sam has been charged with helping residents recognize the true nature of their disease and begin to move toward a solution. “I would have to say the most rewarding part is watching [the residents] build a sense of independence, a sense of self,” Sam said. “Watching them overcome struggles that, on day one, they thought they could never achieve. Seeing the light of hope in their eyes when they overcome a struggle.” In his position at Turnbridge, Sam has been given the opportunity to use his own personal history with substance abuse as a tool in helping young men recover. “More than anything, I’m thankful for the opportunity to be working here at Turnbridge. It connects with my passions, what I love most. I get to help people put their lives back together, what’s better than that?”