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What is Recreational Drug Use? 

Today, millions of Americans use drugs, whether that be in the form of alcohol, marijuana, prescription medications, or illicit substances. On average, most substance use begins during the teenage years—before graduating high school. For young people especially, drug use starts as recreational: they use drugs to have a good time, to experiment, and to experience […]

What are the Effects of Recreational Drug Use? 

When people use drugs for their mind-altering effects – such as to get high, have fun with friends, or escape from stress and emotion – it falls under the category of recreational drug use. Recreational drug use is a term that refers to nonmedical substance use, and it can involve a variety of different drugs […]

Pre-Addiction, or Early Addiction, is an Emerging Topic 

Many people believe they need to hit “rock bottom” before getting help for a drug or alcohol problem. Often, they wait for things to get so bad they can no longer handle it – a loss in their job, a break in a relationship, a run-in with the law or, even more significantly, an overdose […]

6 Successful Celebrities with Mental Health Disorders 

Mental illness does not discriminate. Anyone, of any background or upbringing, social position or economic status, can struggle with their mental health. There are millions of people throughout the United States facing a mental illness today, including some of the famous names we know very well.  When you are battling with a mental health disorder, […]

Are You Facing Problems with Mental Health? 

It is estimated that one in every five adults in America experience a mental illness. On top of this, about one in six youth (between the ages of six and 17) also experience a mental health disorder each year. Mental health problems are all around us, yet too many people struggle in silence, afraid to […]

Sober Fun: What Do People Do for Fun in Recovery?

What do sober people do for fun, and how do they stay positive throughout the recovery process? Turnbridge takes a look at redefining fun in recovery, and offers fun activities to try while sober. When a person is in early recovery, it is common for them to look back and reminisce about the past. They […]

What is the Most Effective Treatment for Substance Addiction?

Families want what is best for their loved ones. If your son or daughter is struggling with substance addiction, you want (perhaps more than anything) for them to get on a healthy path. You want to find an addiction treatment program that will work, or that will be most effective, in helping your loved one […]

Recovery From Dual Diagnosis Is Possible

When a person is battling substance addiction, they are often struggling with deep-seated, mental health issues too. For example, many people struggle with depression and drug abuse. Some people use drugs to cope with anxiety, or post-traumatic stress. When a mental health disorder and substance use disorder co-occur, it is called dual diagnosis. Dual diagnosis […]

What Types of Therapies Are Used to Treat Addiction?

Drug addiction, formally called a substance use disorder, is a chronic and complex disease. It is characterized by compulsive drug use and drug-seeking behaviors, which leave a lasting effect on an individual’s body and brain. Not every addiction is the same. Each person has distinct experiences with drugs and alcohol, both in their use and […]

What is Rehab? Drug Rehab FAQ

Recognizing the need for rehab, or professional intervention, is a key step in the recovery process. This means you (or your loved one) have recognized the negative implications that drug abuse has had on your life – and you feel ready to make a change. Of course, deciding to commit to a drug rehab program […]