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Kyle D. Recovers from Gambling and Drug Addiction

Cindy D. is the mother of Kyle D., a resident currently in the sober living phase (Phase III) of Turnbridge’s Preparative Care℠ program. After struggling to gain independence and maintain recovery while living at home, Kyle entered Turnbridge and has greatly matured while building a solid foundation in recovery.

links between gambling and drug addictionAccording to Cindy, Kyle has suffered from several mental health and impulse-control disorders, which became a real issue when his substance abuse and gambling addiction became clearly evident.  In his mid-twenties, Kyle began selling his possessions and stealing things from his family to support his addiction.  “I felt very threatened in my own home,” says Cindy.  “… He would look me straight in the eye and lie, and it became a real problem in the family dynamic.”  Through his late twenties, Kyle struggled maintaining a job and consistently encountered issues relating to his gambling.  The family sought help through therapists and psychiatrists, but the addiction symptoms persisted.  The family also insisted that Kyle seek support groups, but he had trouble relating to other recovering addicts and failed to find a supportive network. 

The addiction finally reached a debilitating point for Kyle, and after receiving a recommendation from a close family friend, Kyle enrolled in Turnbridge in March of 2014.  “He found it difficult at first to identify with the young men [at Turnbridge] due to his issues with gambling,” Cindy explains.  “Then he sought out on his own Gamblers Anonymous in addition to the other meetings he was going to… He sought that out and has really absorbed it.” 

In addition to finding support and learning how to maintain sobriety, Kyle has begun to live an organized, independent life.  He has recently found a job and his family sees a great deal of progression in every aspect of Kyle’s life.