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Dr. Mike Bower Co-Authors “Out of Order: Young Adult Manual of Mental Illness and Recovery”

Out of Order is a manual for teens and young adults to help them understand mental illness and recovery. It covers such topics as mental illnesses, suicidal thoughts, personality disorders, learningoutoforder problems, intellectual disabilities, treatment, and recovery. This book will help answer questions like: What is mental illness? What are the symptoms? Do you need help? How do you find the right kind of help? How can you take responsibility yourself for understanding and recovery. It discusses treatments, therapies, medications, support groups, and contains a disorders dictionary, resources for help, relevant websites, and an index. Illustrated.

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……………………………………………………………. Dr. Bower has been providing his services to Turnbridge for over two years, and he exemplifies the qualities that have helped our organization grow into the nation’s premier extended care sober living program for young men.  Dr. Bower has had a two-fold career, encompassing professional experience in the mental health and public education sectors. Before joining Center for Change, he had a successful private practice focusing on the needs of adolescent and young adult males and was Director of the Yale Psychiatric Educational Outreach Project which coordinates psychiatry residents teaching emotional literacy topics to middle school students. Dr. Bower has also taught at various universities, worked as a high school principal, and holds degrees from Tufts, Boston, and Harvard University.