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How Family Intervention Led Him to Turnbridge

After many years of pain and suffering, Mike made the choice to come to Turnbridge for young adult drug rehab. Over the past 7 months, Mike has begun to thrive as the result of his dedication to recovery.

As a child, Mike’s family moved around quite a bit. “It was so uncomfortable being in a new school every year and having to meet new people again,” said Mike.  This was a continuing challenge for Mike. An avid sports fan and athlete, Mike enjoyed hanging around other athletes. After his parents divorced, Mike states he “gravitated towards some not-so-good people.”

family interventionMike’s first substance use came the summer before his freshman year of college, following his acceptance to Hofstra University. His addiction progressed quickly in college. Mike would go to class when he felt like it, and when he didn’t go he was usually drinking or smoking. “I was drinking all day, every day,” said Mike. Bad grades lead to academic probation, forcing his parents to pull him out of school.

Over the next few years, Mike would be pulled out of school again due to his substance use, and would be kicked out of his home. Mike put all the blame on his parents. He would then find some old friends to live with, and they weren’t great influences. “I didn’t think I was wrong, I thought I was being wronged,” said Mike.  “I took on traits to just fit in with friends.”

Mike began to focus more of his attentions on drinking and smoking, and this did not go unnoticed by his parents.  Following a successful intervention prepared by Mike’s mother, he agreed to attend Turnbridge.  “I accepted that I didn’t know what was right and I took the suggestions offered to me,” said Mike.

“I was scared at first but everyone made me feel very comfortable,” Mike said.  “The friends I have made in Turnbridge and AA are a huge help.”  Today, Mike has a renewed relationship with his family.  He continues to work hard and is getting better each day.  “I am very grateful for my parents’ love and support,” said Mike.