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Sam R. Makes Great Strides Through Recovery

Kathryn R. is the mother of Sam R., a resident currently in the sober living phase (Phase III) of Turnbridge’s Preparative Care℠.  After struggling to maintain sobriety while living at home, Sam entered Turnbridge and has greatly matured while building a solid foundation in recovery.

gaining maturity through addiction recoveryAccording to Kathryn, the progression of Sam’s addiction came as a complete surprise.  During his tenth grade year at an Atlanta high school, Sam’s parents discovered a disturbing text message on Sam’s phone, which they believed was referencing drugs.  They confronted Sam, who admitted an already progressed drug habit, which included the use of several dangerous narcotics.  “We did not see any warning sign,” said Kathryn.  “He had never missed a curfew.  He was only allowed to spend the night out at two houses.  He didn’t get in trouble with the law.  He didn’t steal anything.”  Following the shocking discovery, Sam entered an intensive outpatient at home, but soon relapsed while in the program.

Sam was sent to treatment in Pennsylvania for 45 days, and then returned home to continue school.  “We thought that he could come back and do outpatient [in Atlanta] and stay on track with school,” said Kathryn.  “We were still hopeful.”  Sam suffered another relapse shortly after returning home, and his family made the decision for Sam to enter Turnbridge’s long term drug rehab.   

Sam has made great strides since coming to New Haven, but as Kathryn admits, “It took a while.”  Since this last slip, Sam has put forth the effort to improve his life and everyone around has noticed a transformation.  “All of a sudden he was acting different when I saw him and talked to him,” Kathryn said.  “He was starting to mature.” 

Sam’s family and friends have welcomed his recent changes.  “Sam is not as self-centered,” said Kathryn.  “He asks how other people are doing when he talks to me.  It’s not all about him or what he wants.  He asks about his family and I understand he has really reached out in the community.”

The biggest sign of change that Kathryn noticed came when Sam recently made the decision to stay in New Haven upon graduating Turnbridge, after months of asking his mother to allow him to return home.  He told her that he believed staying in the New Haven gave him the best chance to maintain sobriety – a shocking sign of Sam’s conscious development into adulthood as a sober person.