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Turnbridge operates leading mental health and substance abuse treatment programs throughout Connecticut. This blog is a resource for people seeking addiction and mental health recovery information and inspiration, and the latest Turnbridge news and events.

CASEY OLAYOS – Unsung Hero

Casey Olayos is Turnbridge’s Unsung Hero for the Month of January. Casey began working for the program while he was a resident. During his time in Phase III, he became House Manager, and toward the end of his stay he started working as a member of the Support Staff. Casey currently serves as Support Staff […]

Chas Lankford – The Impact of Using Drugs at a Young Age

One common denominator with young men in recovery is that they have obviously started using drugs and alcohol at a young age. For most, this means that some of the most pivotal emotional and social development has been stunted. My own personal experience left me getting clean in my early 20’s, after using heavily through […]

SAM COHEN – From the Front Lines

When I step back from my job as a case manager at Turnbridge, I often ask myself what is my purpose in the lives of these young men and their families. The well-known proverb “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear,” comes to mind. In my vocation, most of the time the student is […]

ALLAN GRIFFIN – An Unsung Hero

Allan Griffin is Turnbridge’s Unsung Hero for the month of November. Allan currently works as the Support Staff Manager for Phase II, having recently transitioned from a similar role in Phase I. As Support Staff Manager, Allan juggles several responsibilities at once, including resident coordination, time management, and transportation, in addition to managing the 8-10 […]


Turnbridge is pleased to announce Rob Deffendall as Turnbridge’s Unsung Hero for the month of October, 2013. Rob began volunteering for the organization two years ago, facilitating weekly group sessions at the Phase II residence. His unwavering commitment to helping young men in recovery did not go unnoticed and he was subsequently hired as a […]

SAM COHEN – An Unsung Hero

It is our distinct pleasure to announce Sam Cohen as Turnbridge’s Unsung Hero for the month of September. As a Phase I Case Manager, much of Sam’s responsibility revolves around helping the guys “Show up for Life.” He helps them concentrate on skills of daily living, including time management and personal hygiene. Phase I also places a […]

DAVE FREEDMAN – An Unsung Hero

Dave F. is Turnbridge’s Unsung Hero for the month of August. He serves as Support Staff Manager, as well as Activities Coordinator. Dave started working for Turnbridge as House Manager, and eventually became a member of the Support Staff. Over time, he began taking on the additional responsibility of planning recreational events, and he was […]

RYAN SHEVLIN – An Unsung Hero

The Unsung Hero for this month is Ryan Shevlin, Office Manager and member of the Admissions Department. Ryan has worked for Turnbridge since December 2011, starting as Vice President Al Samaras’ assistant. Over time, Ryan has taken on more responsibilities within the company, acting as Office Manager and intake specialist. Ryan assists new residents through […]

CHAS LANKFORD – An Unsung Hero

Chas Lankford has been a Case Manager in Phase III of the Turnbridge program for almost two years. He began his career as a case manager about 18 years ago when he started working at the Children’s Center of Hamden. As a case manager there, Chas helped local adolescents with substance abuse issues. Six years […]

ANDREW – An Unsung Hero

“Andrew went above and beyond his normal duties during last month’s Blizzard Nemo. He put his personal needs aside, and worked hard to clear snow and coordinate the moving of vehicles for the Phase III Morris Cove facility as well as other Turnbridge properties. It’s the maintenance staff’s responsibility to ensure that the residents have […]