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“90 in 90,” a play by Turnbridge alumn JD Scalzo, makes NYC debut

Actor and writer JD Scalzo composed the play “90 in 90” after entering recovery in April 2019. He met therapist Jack Britton while receiving treatment at Turnbridge, and the two recently sat down for an interview about recovery and the play. “90 in 90,” which reflects on aspects of his experiences in early recovery, debuted […]

Whitaker B. Gets Serious About Sobriety

Turnbridge Alumni, Whitaker B., grew up in North Carolina surrounded by a supportive family who instilled strong values in him from a young age. Whitaker recounts his childhood as being relatively idyllic, but when he got to high school there was a distinct shift in his thinking and worldview. He began going to great lengths […]

Griffin O. – Finding the Tools to Stay Sober

Since coming to the Turnbridge Men’s Program, Griffin has worked hard to build a life that’s grounded in hard work, responsibility, and gratitude. The journey was rocky at times, but Griffin has found a new, better way of life. Originally from New Jersey, Griffin explains how he was always the troublemaker and “something was always […]

Finding Life in Recovery: Mike C.’s Recovery Story

Mike C. recently graduated from the Turning Point program and resides in New Haven, Connecticut. Having grown up in Texas, Mike was originally apprehensive about coming all the way to Turning Point, but he made the most of the opportunity. Mike’s first drink came when he was 11 years old and, shortly after, Mike began […]

Alumni Article: Wes Makes a Commitment to Recovery

In his last few years before coming to New Haven, Wes’ life was a tangled web of institutions and near death experiences, but he has since made a decision to embrace recovery and is now committed to a life in sobriety.  “Alcoholism and drug addiction run in my family,” said Wes. At a very young […]

Alumni Story: How Prescription Drugs Led to Heroin Addiction

As an accomplished motocross racer, AJ knows that the sport can be very dangerous. Around the age of 14, he suffered numerous injuries while competing in the sport he loved. “I’ve broken over 20 bones in my body,” said AJ.  As a result of these injures, AJ was issued prescription painkillers to help him manage […]

Alumni Profile – Adam S. Celebrates Continuous Sobriety

Adam’s journey to Turnbridge began early in his life.  Adam comes from generations of drug addiction and alcoholism.   His substance use and co-occurring mental health issues came to a head in the latter part of 2012, leading him to pursue treatment at Hazelden Foundation in Minnesota. In January 2013, at the recommendation of his […]

Alumni Profile – Ben G.

Ben G. successfully completed the Turnbridge Preparative Care program, and graduated in May 2015.  Ben came to Turnbridge from a primary care treatment center after he was arrested and forced into drug treatment by the court system.  At 24 years old, Ben’s road to recovery has been difficult, but his determination over the past fourteen […]

Evan R. Builds a Foundation for Happiness and Success

Evan R. successfully completed the Turnbridge Preparative Care program, and graduated in May 2015.  Evan’s decline into addiction resulted in a loss of ambitions, values and time.  Since coming to New Haven, Evan has addressed the issues that were steering him in an undesired direction and begun to build a foundation for happiness and success […]

Connor M.’s Graduation Inspired by a Devotion to Recovery

Connor M. successfully completed Turnbridge’s Preparative Care program, graduating in April 2015.  Connor’s addiction derailed his ambitions and put him in many dangerous situations, but his devotion to recovery and several motivating factors have helped him to get back on a healthy and positive path. Connor began experimenting with drugs and alcohol while in high […]