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Matt L: Building a Foundation in Recovery

Matt L. successfully completed Turnbridge’s drug rehab program, and graduated in March 2015.  Before coming to New Haven, Matt had been to multiple 30-day addiction treatment centers.  For several years, he was stuck in a pattern of going to treatment and getting back on his feet long enough to get another job and mend broken […]

John K. Commits to Sobriety

John K. graduated the Turnbridge program on Thursday, February 19.  In his last few years before coming to New Haven, John’s life was a tangled web of jails, institutions, and near death experiences, but he has since made a decision to embrace recovery and commit himself to a life in sobriety.   John began drinking alcohol […]

JJ B. Builds a Sober Future at Turning Point

JJ B. is a resident currently in Phase III of Turnbridge’s Preparative Care program.  After failing out of college and almost destroying himself mentally and physically through the use of alcohol and drugs, JJ found the Turnbridge program and has worked feverishly to build a foundation in sobriety and find a purpose in his life. […]

Andrew G: Fighting to Keep Sobriety

Andrew G. successfully completed the Turnbridge program, and graduated in December 2014.  Andrew’s decline into addiction was hard and fast, and at a young age he found himself in a dark and hopeless place.  After a couple attempts to get sober at rehab centers on the West coast, Andrew entered Turnbridge in December 2013, and […]

Brian M: Learning to Overcome Issues with Substance Abuse

Brian M. successfully completed the Turnbridge drug rehab program, and graduated at the end of September.  Brian came to Turnbridge from his home in Westchester, New York after several unsuccessful attempts to maintain sobriety while living at home. At 20 years old, Brian’s road to recovery has already been long and trying for himself and […]

Bill D Achieves Success After Addiction

Bill D. is a recent successful graduate of Turnbridge.  Prior to his residency at Turnbridge’s addiction treatment program, Bill’s attempts at abstinence were largely unsuccessful, never continuously spanning more than a month.  Since entering (and subsequently completing) the Turnbridge rehab program, Bill has maintained his sobriety for nearly a year and is currently well on […]

DAVE F. – Living a Sober High Point

Dave F. is a Turnbridge graduate who came into the extended care program after successfully completing treatment at the Gosnold on Cape Cod. Although he has endured his share of bumps along the path, Dave has been successful in his recovery efforts and continues to work as a member of the Turnbridge staff in order […]

JOE GREENFIELD – Helping Others Start A Life After Rehab

Joe Greenfield has been the Discharge Planner for Turnbridge since September of 2012. He is mainly involved with residents in the final stages of Phase III but also deals with residents in Phase I & II as needed. As Discharge Planner, Joe is primarily responsible for “helping guys reintegrate back into the community when they […]

MIKE L – Ready to Proceed

Mike L. graduated from Turnbridge’s extended care program on February 19, 2013. His journey over the past few years has been a difficult one, but he is now fully immersed in the recovery process and ready to proceed with his life. Following attempts at two different primary treatment centers in the northeast, he came to […]

JARED C – “Turning Point Helped Me Get My Life Together”

Jared C. found his way to Turnbridge after years of struggling to fight his addiction, and after several failed attempts to stay sober he became a resident at Turnbridge in New Haven in October of 2010. After eleven months of consistent hard work, Jared reached a milestone in his recovery efforts, and he graduated from […]