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Dominick M: Dedication to a Life in Recovery

Dominick M. is a resident currently in the sober living phase (Phase III) of Turnbridge’s Preparative Care program.   At the age of 25, Dominick’s addiction has already caused him an enormous amount of suffering and pain, but over the past 6 months he has reaped the benefits of hard work and dedication to a […]

Jeff S: Moving Past the Disease of Addiction

Jeff S. is a resident currently in Phase III of Turnbridge’s addiction treatment program.  As is true with most addicts and alcoholics, Jeff’s addiction has put him in some trying situations, but his path in recovery has led to healing and change. Jeff began smoking marijuana and drinking at age 12, which almost immediately became […]

Mike R Mends Relationships Broken by Addiction

Mike R. is a resident currently in Phase III of Turnbridge’s Preparative Care program.  Like many other alcoholics and addicts, the progression of Mike’s addiction was fast and his most valued relationships were damaged, but his path in recovery has led to profound healing and change. Mike began smoking marijuana at age 13, which quickly […]

JP Overcomes The Issues of Substance Abuse at Turnbridge

JP H. successfully completed the Turnbridge drug rehab program, graduating in September 2014.  JP came straight to Turnbridge after finding himself in a Williamsport, Pennsylvania jail cell with several drug-related charges hanging over his head. At 25 years old, JP’s road to recovery has already been long and trying for himself and his family.  However, […]

Kyle D. Recovers from Gambling and Drug Addiction

Cindy D. is the mother of Kyle D., a resident currently in the sober living phase (Phase III) of Turnbridge’s Preparative Care℠ program. After struggling to gain independence and maintain recovery while living at home, Kyle entered Turnbridge and has greatly matured while building a solid foundation in recovery. According to Cindy, Kyle has suffered […]

Kevin S: Rebuilding Life After Addiction

Prior to coming to Turnbridge, Kevin’s life was falling apart.  “I was no longer a member of my family; I was absent as a son and a brother; my sole focus was getting high,” said Kevin.  “Life was heading towards a dramatic conclusion if I didn’t do something soon to change. My parents had to […]

Resident Thomas K.

Thomas K., also known as TJ, is 22 years old and currently in Phase 3 of the Turnbridge residential drug treatment program.  Before coming to Turnbridge, TJ struggled greatly with opioid and cocaine dependency.   “My life was hell on earth,” said TJ.  “I had no hope and nothing to live for. I felt like I had […]

Sean M. Builds a Strong Sober Network

Sean M. grew up in south jersey and is 24 years old. “I always considered myself a partier but never thought I had a problem,” Sean said. About 2 years ago, “I experienced the sudden passing of my father.” Sean took this tragic event very hard. “I began to isolate myself from family and friends. […]

Zachary K – Living a Sober Lifestyle

Zachary is a recent graduate of Turnbridge’s  sober living program.  Zachary came to Turnbridge after completing primary treatment in California, and since he made the personal decision to seek help he has worked hard to maintain a stable and sober lifestyle. According to Zachary, his issues with substance abuse began around the age of 15, […]

Matthew M. – How Seeking Treatment Changed His Life

Matthew M. is a resident currently in Phase III of the Turnbridge sober living program.  Matthew spent years attempting to manage the effects of his drug and alcohol abuse, but when his battle with addiction took a harsh turn, he decided to seek professional help and is currently well on his way to living a […]