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Luke S. – Repairing Damaged Relationships After Addiction

After doing a lot of damage in active addiction, Luke S. found his way to New Haven to participate in the Turnbridge Men’s Program and find a better way of living. Since his arrival, Luke has grown into the loving and caring man he once was.   Growing up in New York, Luke explains how […]

Will A. Turns His Life Around at Turnbridge

Will’s substance abuse history began at the young age of 11 and escalated very quickly.  The consequences of his substance abuse became undisputable when, during his junior year of high school, he was expelled as a result of getting caught using on school grounds. After a more extensive investigation, Will was charged with distribution of […]

Resident Profile: Sebi M. Learns Coping Skills in Recovery

Sebi M. is a current client in Phase III of Turnbridge.  Sebi’s journey through life has been difficult, but with the help of Turnbridge he has begun to shape a new path for himself. Sebi was born and raised in Texas, near the border of Mexico.  He was very involved in sports as a child […]

How Family Intervention Led Him to Turnbridge

After many years of pain and suffering, Mike made the choice to come to Turnbridge for young adult drug rehab. Over the past 7 months, Mike has begun to thrive as the result of his dedication to recovery. As a child, Mike’s family moved around quite a bit. “It was so uncomfortable being in a […]

Alex Finds a Recovery Community

Alex P., a current Phase III resident, struggled for many years to find who he was and what he wanted to. Alex’s determination to stay active in the community and continued hard work has led him to a point where he finally feels like he’s found his way.  His journey began in March of this […]

Resident Profile – Chris E.

Chris E. is a client currently in Phase III of Turnbridge’s Addiction Treatment program. Before he began his journey into recovery, at the age of 24, Chris had compromised many of his values and crossed many “lines in the sand” in pursuit of drugs and alcohol. However since discovering sobriety and all that it has […]

Resident Profile – Mickey S. Enters Residential Drug Treatment

Mickey S. is a current resident in Phase III, the sober living stage, of Turnbridge’s long term drug treatment program. After years of pain and suffering due to his addiction, Mickey has found himself getting the help he so desperately needed to realize his potential. Mickey, the youngest of four siblings, grew up in Weston, […]

Brendan F. Seeks Treatment & Thrives in Sobriety

Brendan F. is a client currently in Phase III, the sober living portion, of Turnbridge’s Preparative Care program.  At the age of 24, Brendan’s addiction has led him to some dark places and caused him to compromise many of his values, but his recent hard work and dedication to a life in sobriety has brought […]

Jesse Z. Embraces the Prospects of Sobriety

Jesse Z. is a client currently in Phase III, the sober living portion, of Turnbridge’s Preparative Care program.  Before coming to New Haven, Jesse spent several years struggling to manage his addiction and maintain a normal life while still using drugs and alcohol.  When consequences finally pushed him to the brink, he accepted help.  With […]

Paul A: Devotion to a Life in Recovery

Paul A. is a resident currently in Phase III of Turnbridge’s sober living program.  Paul’s addiction to drugs and alcohol put him in some trying and difficult situations, but his recent devotion to a life in recovery has led to healing and change. Paul began smoking marijuana in the 7th grade with the kids in […]