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The Physical Impact of Addiction [Infographic]

[Scroll Down for Graphic] Every time we go out for a night of drinking, or experiment with new drugs, or continuously use the familiar ones, we make a choice. It is a choice we make time and time again, a choice that many adolescents are now making because in that moment, it just seems fun. […]

Choose Your Path: Substance versus Success [Infographic]

Despite common belief, substance addiction is not a choice. It never has been. Addiction, as research has proven, is a disease of the brain. It inhibits a person’s self-control, and one’s ability to make any rational choices moving forward. It is a disease of impulse. Addiction changes an individual’s brain structure, behaviors, and eventually, his […]

Missing the Mark: the Impact of Teen Substance Abuse on American Academics [INFOGRAPHIC]

Over the years, substance use has progressed as a universal presence across campuses nationwide. Despite the detrimental effects that drugs and alcohol have on a person’s brain function, many continue to accept experimentation in college as normal. What we often fail to recognize, though, is that substance use usually starts long before high school graduation. […]

Breaking the Addiction Cycle [Infographic]

In a single year, nearly 22 million Americans were classified as dependent on alcohol and/or illicit drugs. And while each person carries his or her own addiction story, all 22 million continue to fight the same battle, fighting against the chronic cycle of addiction. Substance dependence is extremely widespread today, and many afflicted individuals do […]

College Substance Abuse: Facing the Facts [Infographic]

[Scroll down for graphic] Illicit drug use and substance addiction are growing epidemics for 18-25 year olds throughout the United States, and full-time college students raise no exception. In fact, almost one in every four of the nation’s college students meets the medical criteria for substance dependence. Yet only 6 percent of them seek treatment. […]