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From the Family: Elizabeth & Jim

Her father recalled that before coming to Turnbridge, Grace was going through this repetitive cycle of “getting to a certain point in her life routine, then she would crash and burn, and then have to go and reset. It was really going nowhere. Both Beth and I felt that we were really not helping Grace […]

Debbie & Rich Find the Right Drug Treatment Option for Their Son

Debbie & Rich, the parents of Phase III resident Alex P., have watched their son embrace recovery and begin to build a full life for himself as he’s progressed through the Phases of the Turnbridge Men’s Program. Alex has put in a great deal of work to get to where he is today. Originally from […]

Marie P. Sees Her Son Join the Recovery Community

Matt P. grew up in Massachusetts with the support of a loving family but, according to his Mother, Marie, his childhood was not without difficulty. “He often struggled with his peers and fitting in,” said Marie. As a result of these challenges, Matt found himself gravitating toward bad crowds. “He started hanging out with others […]

From the Family: Recovery is a Process, Believes Susan M.

Susan M., the mother of Phase III resident Alex H., has experienced the joy of watching her son, Alex, progress through the Turning Point program.  Since coming to New Haven, Alex has turned a corner in his life and worked hard to develop a solid foundation for lasting recovery. As a kid, Alex had “everything […]

From the Family – On Disguising Early Substance Addiction

John F. is the father of Quinn, a current member of the Phase III community.  After hiding his substance abuse from his family for most of his teenage years, Quinn’s alcohol addiction eventually reached the point where it could no longer be disguised. Since Quinn enrolled at Turnbridge, his family has experienced the reconnection and […]

Zach and Dallas: Two Brothers Against Addiction

Zach M.’s family has seen him struggle to keep his life in order due to his addiction.  Since coming to Turnbridge’s young adult drug rehab facilities and working on his recovery, Zach’s family now has the happy, loving, and caring son and brother back in their lives. According to Dallas, Zach’s older brother who is […]

From the Family – Sarah B.

As a result of his addiction, Adam’s family watched him transform from a loving, adventurous, and outgoing son into an unrecognizable person. Since Adam arrived at Turnbridge’s residential drug treatment program, Adam’s family has experienced the joy of welcoming their cheerful, and always smiling, son back into their lives. According to Sarah, Adam’s mother, his […]

Susan M. Sees Her Son Develop into an Independent Sober Man

Susan M. is the mother of Kody M., a Client currently in Phase III of Turnbridge’s Preparative Care program.   For several years, Kody’s parents witnessed him struggling through addiction and early adulthood, but have had the privilege recently of seeing their son develop into an independent and fulfilled sober man.      According to […]

Frances P. Shares Her Son’s Story of Recovery

Frances P. is the mother of David P., a client currently living sober in Phase III of Turnbridge’s Preparative Care program.  While David was active in his addiction, his relationships with his parents reached a point where his mother was frightened to be around him.  Since he decided to seek treatment and make healthy life […]

Lynn and Andy P: Addressing Your Son’s Addiction

Lynn and Andy P. are the parents of Drew P., a resident currently in Phase III of Turnbridge’s  drug rehab program.  While in his addiction, Drew’s family relationships were strained because of complete distrust and constant stress in the household.  Since coming to New Haven, Drew has taken the opportunity to address his addiction and […]