Boy's Residential Treatment

Mental Health Treatment for Boys 14 – 17

Diagnosing & Addressing Root Causes

Setting the standard for the diagnosis and treatment of teen mental health disorders, Turnbridge adolescent treatment programs provide high-quality, whole-person care to restore a child’s well-being and help them learn to lead a life worth protecting. Here, behavioral health luminaries and experienced care providers deliver individualized care that addresses every aspect of client life.

The Turnbridge Boy’s Residential Primary Treatment Program treats mental health and substance use disorders experienced by boys 14 to 17 years of age. An all-inclusive treatment facility in Woodbury, Connecticut, is home to leading adolescent treatment experts and researchers using the latest therapies and research to effectively treat underlying conditions and initiate lasting change.

The Turnbridge Team

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Adolescent Treatment Expertise

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Woodbury Campus for Boys

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Integrated Adolescent Care

Comprehensive Behavioral Healthcare for Boys

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Turnbridge offers boys and their family members the comprehensive and personalized range of treatment services, consultation, and education needed to gain diagnostic clarity, assess executive functioning and learning proficiency, and initiate whole-person integrated treatment plans.


The Turnbridge Boy’s Residential Program in Woodbury, Connecticut, is a beautiful, welcoming, and safe environment in which clients, parents, and leading clinicians form an alliance focused on identifying the root causes of adolescent mental health and substance use disorders and address some of the most complex adolescent behavioral health problems.

A team of highly trained doctors, researchers, psychometricians, and psychotherapists provides an extraordinary level of personalized attention to a small community of just 18 boys. The program’s houses and grounds are continuously monitored and staffed and combine fun and enjoyable activities with advanced clinical therapies to help clients have an enjoyable treatment experience while learning to manage the symptoms of their conditions.

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Root Cause Analysis

Addressing the big picture

Adolescent behavioral health conditions rarely are often brought on by complex adverse childhood events, learning or thought disorders, traumatic experiences, and neurological conditions. Identifying root causes is a critical first step that provides the information needed to apply the most effective and comprehensive personalized care plan for each client and family.


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Academic, physical, and art education are inextricably linked to the identity and mental health of young people. One’s school experience and performance relates directly to wellbeing, development, and future opportunity. Turnbridge helps clients continue their education while receiving mental health treatment and provides personalized, care-informed academic services to improve progress and achievement.
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Beauty, Comfort, Community

Safety and Fun are Fundamental

The Woodbury treatment location includes beautiful residences, clinical offices, an academic center, fitness equipment, and many ways to have fun. A world-class ropes course, hiking trails, a pond, and a game room are just some of the ways clients find time to enjoy time among friends while receiving excellent care.


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Turnbridge Adolescent Residential Treatment Centers accept insurance. We are in-network with Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield and Optum plans, and can work with most major insurance companies. Please call at any time to speak with an admissions specialist who can help to verify your insurance information.
To speak with an informed and empathetic expert about our programs for adolescents, young women, and young men, call us at 877.581.1793 and ask to speak with Admissions.