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What to Expect in a Substance Abuse Program

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Addiction is a chronic disease that happens over an extended period of time and after repeated substance abuse. It does not happen overnight. Neither does addiction recovery— Addiction, just as it started, takes time to overcome. Recovery is a gradual process, one that requires extended drug treatment and a lifelong commitment to sobriety.

If you or your loved one is battling drug addiction, you may feel a bit conflicted about long-term rehab or inpatient substance abuse programs. You may have been putting off professional treatment for some time now, having had second thoughts about whether it is truly the right fit for your needs. Like many, you may be a bit scared or nervous to enter a substance abuse program, unsure of what to expect during and following treatment.

Recovery is not always easy, especially at first. Just getting out of the car and entering those doors for the first time can feel like the hardest thing you have ever done. We get it; we’ve been there. But let us tell you, getting professional help for your drug problem is undoubtedly worth it. It is extremely hard to get past a substance addiction on your own, but with the right care and support, you can overcome it as well as grow from it.

Still, you likely have some hesitations and questions surrounding substance abuse programs: What does the day-to-day look like? Who attends these programs? What kind of treatment approaches do they enact? What can I expect while there? What will the outcome be?

Turnbridge is a long-term, residential substance abuse treatment center helping young adults across the country overcome addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders. To help ease your mind and give you some clarity around drug rehab, we have outlined exactly what you can expect in our inpatient substance abuse programs for young men and women:

  • A Safe, Supportive, and Substance-Free Setting – Environment is a key factor in the recovery process, and the right substance abuse program will offer you the space needed to heal and regain peace of mind. At Turnbridge, for example, you can expect to secede from the outside pressures that originally contributed to your substance use, and secure the time needed to truly focus on yourself and your recovery. Unlike many rehab centers, you can also expect some exposure to the vibrant community surrounding Turnbridge’s rehab facilities. The reintegration to society, we believe, is essential for long-term recovery and independent, sober living.
  • A Focus on Case Management – Every person is unique, every addiction story is unique, and no single substance abuse program will work for everyone. That is why, throughout your treatment, a team of Turnbridge case managers will work with you to develop a custom, individualized plan for continuing care. In this plan, we will focus on your sobriety, time management, self-care, relationship building, as well as interpersonal, life, and coping skills development. We will also help you prepare for life after treatment and the transition to sober living.
  • Continuous Clinical Care – At Turnbridge, you will receive gender-specific clinical care and individualized therapies based on your mental, physical, and emotional needs. On top of one-to-one counseling sessions, you will participate in a number of group therapy sessions, full of peers of your same age group and gender, with similar experiences to share.
  • 24/7 Support Staff – Especially in your first days of treatment, every bit of support is meaningful. At Turnbridge, we have a 24/7, seven-days-a-week support team available to you. Most of our support staff are Turnbridge graduates who carry an intimate knowledge of drug and alcohol addiction, as well as a sound understanding of Turnbridge’s substance abuse program. If you ever need to talk or an extra shoulder to lean on, they are here for you.
  • A Family Program – If you are a family member or parent of an addict, we also have around-the-clock support available to you. Turnbridge hosts parent support groups and family healing workshops each month, so that you can learn how to cope with addiction and assist in your loved one’s treatment. Family counseling sessions will also start in the first weeks of residency.
  • Recreation and Holistic Activities – As part of our substance abuse programs, we encourage young men and women to participate in sober, recreational, and healthful activities such as martial arts, yoga, music studio sessions, art workshops, meditation, group outings (such as ski and snowboard trips), and more. Activities are offered each day for clients as alternative ways to mediate stress, reduce anxiety, and build their sober networks.
  • An Emphasis on Health & Wellness – Establishing a healthy routine is a crucial part of the recovery process, especially in the earlier weeks of treatment. From the beginning of their stays, Turnbridge clients learn to develop healthy eating habits and exercise regimes that promote a healthier physique as well as state-of-mind. The young men and women at Turnbridge learn how to shop for as well as prepare nutritious meals.
  • 12-Step Meetings – In each phase of our substance abuse program, Turnbridge clients are required to attend 12-step meetings. These meetings will give you a basis for meeting other young people in recovery, as well as the opportunity to find a sponsor who will guide you through your own recovery journey.
  • Educational Planning – If you were in school before attending a substance abuse program, Turnbridge can help you create a plan to continue your education. We offer tutoring for clients working towards their GED, as well as SAT preparation. We also can help you choose and apply to a high school, college, or university that fits best with your goals and needs.
  • Employment and Volunteer Work – Part of the recovery process is developing a sense of accountability. In the later phases of your substance abuse program, we can connect you with a variety of work or employment opportunities that fit your interests, allowing you the time and space to reintegrate and connect with the sober community outside our treatment facilities.

When a young man or woman first arrives at Turnbridge, he or she typically carries a lot of conflicting emotions – fear, anger, shame, alienation, skepticism, as well as personal traumas. Right now, you may relate to some of these yourself. These are completely normal feelings to have, however, they can become crippling if left unaddressed. That is why, throughout our substance abuse programs, we encourage residents to address any negative feelings head-on, and use various therapy approaches to get to the root of their drug problems.

In a substance abuse program like Turnbridge, you can expect to be challenged; you can expect to be transparent, vulnerable, and uncomfortable at times. But you can also expect to meet incredible people during your stay and build meaningful relationships with supportive individuals along the way. Most of all, you can also expect to change – not just your choices and habits, but also your outlook, your relationships, your mindset, and your sense-of-self. You can expect to feel happy and satisfied, and to become the best possible you.

To learn more about Turnbridge’s substance abuse programs for adolescents and young adults, please visit www.turnbridge.com/mens or www.turnbridge.com/womens, or call 877-581-1793.