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Music Therapy for Addiction: Playing Music in a Safe, Sober Enviornment

Music Therapy for Addiction

Turnbridge’s on-site music studio and rehearsal space provides a perfect venue for residents to foster their musical abilities in a safe, sober environment.

Music for Addiction Recovery According to Dave Freedman, Support Staff Director, Turnbridge endorses a mind, body, and spirit approach to recovery and to life, and for many of the residents, music is a fundamental aspect of that trinity. “The music studio is important to a certain group of guys that are really into music,” Dave said. “They get their time in the studio, and it’s really good for them. It’s important that they have that outlet.” For Dave, a Turnbridge alumni himself, the music studio was a key factor in his choosing the Turnbridge program. As a resident, he regularly played with a group of fellow musicians within the program, and by the time he was ready to graduate Phase III the group was playing shows around New Haven. To some of Turnbridge’s residents, 568 making music is as vital as breathing air. The studio gives them the ability to focus their creative energies.