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Phase I Vs. Phase II Basketball Championship

Sober Basketball

This week’s recreation article features the monthly Phase I vs. Phase II basketball game. This month, Phase I defended their title as the reigning champions.  This monthly event provides a perfect opportunity for Turnbridge residents to re-claim a sober activity that they enjoyed prior to drug and alcohol use.

Sober Basketball Championship

“I’ve always loved playing basketball, but forgot how much I really enjoyed it,” said Chase B., a current Phase I resident at Turnbridge’s long term drug rehab.  “I felt like it was being reintroduced to me. All of us had a lot of fun. John Stewart, the Phase I Program Director, put the pressure on to bring the trophy back, so that was weighing heavily on us as well. We wanted to make him proud.”

Mission Accomplished.

“We all felt a little closer as a group,” Chase said.

“It’s the strict training regimen I had them on that made all the different,” said Casey Olayos, Support Staff Manager in Phase I. 

All joking aside, when the dust settled and the trophy was in the hands of the Phase I victors, it was evident that this recreational event was more than just a basketball game.  “It’s a way to trust one another and get closer through working together,” said Casey. “Win, lose, or draw, the event is a relationship building experience.”