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INDOOR ROCK CLIMBING: Exercise in Recovery

For one of this month’s many recreational activity, support staff and Activities Coordinator Dave Freedman took the Phase I clients to Prime Climb, an indoor rock climbing facility located in Wallingford Conn.  “It’s so much fun for the guys,” Dave said.  “I’ve taken the guys before, and when we go it’s generally pretty empty so we have the staff helping us out.  They have a bouldering section and rock walls.  Once they get going, the guys try things that are easy, and then go on to harder ones.  They challenge each other, and there is problem solving involved as they figure out how to get up there.  A lot of the guys like it, and there’s something for everyone.” Tyler has been a client at Turnbridge for about two weeks, and said that he really enjoyed the exercise.  “Rock climbing was my favorite.  I’ve done it a bunch of times, and I like it a lot.  It’s entertaining, and you get a good work out.  I had a good time; we should probably go again.” Bret and Mike both came to Turnbridge following recommendations from the staff at their prior drug treatment programs and have been clients in recovery for a little over a month.  “Rock climbing was fun, and I enjoyed it,” Bret said.  “I thought the place was cool.  It was nice to get out and it gave us something to do.  It is my favorite activity so far.  I surprised myself by finishing so many different walls.” “It was a nice, big place,” Mike said.  “They had instructors that would help you if you had difficulties.  They had the right equipment for everything.  Bouldering was fun.  It was rock climbing without a harness, and if you fall you land on a giant mat.  So far my favorite activity has been snowboarding; we went to Bromley Mountain in Vermont.” Recreational activities and exercise are an important factor in the recovery process at Turnbridge drug rehab, and Dave has planned several more fun trips for the month of February.  Snow-tubing and ski trips are planned, in addition to more rock climbing and an outing to see Yale beat Harvard at an upcoming basketball game.