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WADE M – From La Hacienda Drug Rehab to Turnbridge Extended Care and Sober Living

WADE M - From La Hacienda Drug Rehab

From La Hacienda to Turnbridge Extended Care Sober Living

Our Resident Profile highlights a current resident. Here we focus on Wade, who came to Turnbridge Extended Care Sober Living after completing primary drug treatment at La Hacienda in Hunt, TX. Wade began the path to drug and alcohol addiction early in life, starting to drink and smoke at the age of 12.  He started out by smoking marijuana and gradually made the change to opiates which later culminated in his addiction to heroin.  “At that point in my life, I felt I would end up homeless and possibly dead by the time I was 25,” Wade said.  “I made a personal decision to turn my life around and become clean and sober, and I told my parents that I needed help.” For drug rehab Wade went to the La Hacienda Treatment Center located about 80 outside of San Antonio, TX during December, 2011, where he was open to suggestions and ready to make any necessary life changes.  “My counselor at La Hacienda recommended the Turnbridge program here in New Haven for sober living, so that’s what did,” Wade said.  He packed up his life and left family behind, becoming a Turnbridge resident on January 16, 2012. Although life here, and the city of New Haven itself, are different than what Wade was accustomed to in his hometown of Austin, he has improved dramatically in the time spent as a resident.  Wade said, “Turnbridge pushes me in a lot of different ways to get better and stay sober, to deal with my frustrations and to have patience.”  Since coming to Connecticut, Wade has been very busy in the effort to better his life.  Aside from a part-time job at Starbucks, he is a Phase III house manager at Turnbridge, providing support for his fellow housemates and helping to enforce curfew so that residents are able to stay productive throughout their days. “Growing up, I was expected to go to college and become successful at whatever I set my mind to,” Wade said, and during the time spent at Turnbridge, he has developed a long-term plan for his personal success.  He is currently attending Gateway Community College in his pursuit of a Psychology degree.  Wade plans on using his life experiences along with his ongoing education to help people as a case manager for Turnbridge.  He also plans on pursuing a Master’s degree in the hopes of one day opening his own private practice as a therapist.