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ALEX P – From Caron Drug Treatment Center to Turnbridge Extended Care and Beyond

Alex came to Turnbridge Extended Care Sober Living

“Turnbridge Extended Care Sober Living Alumni share their stories about their memories, friendships, experiences, and perspectives of their time at Turnbridge. Enjoy the stories and consider sharing your own. Send your Alumni Experiences to alumni@tpextendedcare.com.”   Alex came to the Turnbridge Extended Care Sober Living program after completing primary drug treatment at Caron Treatment Center in Pennsylvania. He was addicted to alcohol and drugs, primarily opiates, and after completing the young adult program at Caron, the staff there recommended Turnbridge in New Haven for extended care and sober living. Alex was a resident at Turnbridge for about a year, graduating on July 25, 2012. Alex said he became addicted to drugs and alcohol because of his love for their effects on the body, but once his parents pushed him to seek help, he decided to change his life for the better. “Turnbridge taught me how to live,” Alex said. “The recreational activities helped out a lot. I also had a video game addiction and it helped me get over that. It helped me become a man.” Alex attributed his recovery to two people especially, Chris Lynn and Chas Lankford, Turnbridge staff who both helped shape his recovery and provided examples of what it meant to be a responsible sober young man. “Turnbridge was more of a home to me. Their sober living program lets you go to school and work part-time. Overall, Turnbridge just helped me to grow up.” Although Alex’s parents are divorced, he is fortunate enough to have had support from all family members throughout his ordeal. “My parents help out when they can,” Alex said. “My mom is really nice, and my dad is really helpful. They support me and it’s great.” Alex said that everyone in his family is supportive and helpful, including his siblings and step-family. Since graduation, Alex has moved back to his home town in Pennsylvania. “It’s going well,” Alex said. “I’m going to about three AA meetings a week, and working at Panera Bread.” Alex enjoys the meetings in his hometown, and is more comfortable there because many of the members are around his age. While a resident at Turnbridge, Alex studied Computer Science at Gateway Community College in New Haven. He now plans to further his education by continuing studies in his home state, after which he wants to start a career as a computer programmer.