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BROWNSTONE PARK: Zip Line, Cliff Jump, Rope Swing, Etc.


Zip Lining? Check.

Cliff Jump? Check.

Rock Climbing,

Rope Swing,

Obstacle Course?

Check, Check, Check. bs23 Turnbridge’s Phase I residents recently enjoyed a fun-filled outing to Brownstone Exploration and Discovery Park in Portland, CT. With the scorching summer coming to a close, the time was ripe for a trip to this local venue. The park offers a slew of exhilarating activities to suit varying interest levels, however the majority of the young men flocked to the more adrenaline pumping attractions, such as the zip lines and the cliff jumping areas. The zip lines were the fan favorite, according to Phase I resident, Brandon T. Brownstone offers fourteen zip lines, including one that lets guests drop from twenty feet to the water’s surface below. “It was fun, and I had a really great time,” Brandon said. “The zip line was awesome. It’s just a cool place; I’ve never seen anything like it before. The [rec activities] expose me to new things; new things that I normally wouldn’t do.” Brownstone offers other activities like rock climbing and snorkeling, but many of the residents preferred jumping from one of six cliffs or flipping from a nearby rope swing. “My favorite was cliff jumping,” Matt H. said. “Everything was pretty cool, and I had a good time. They try to keep us occupied, and it’s good. We always have something planned.” BS10 (2)According to Allan, the Turnbridge’s Support Staff Manager for Phase I, the recreational activities are “wonderful.” “It gives these guys a chance to go out and do some fun stuff in sobriety,” Allan said. “In a lot of them, teamwork is involved, and it’s about getting the guys out of their comfort zones. They do things that they normally wouldn’t do in recovery. The guys really enjoy it, and we take them on great trips. It’s character-building for them.”