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GREG K – From The Retreat at Lancaster County primary treatment to Turnbridge and Beyond

Greg K. came to Turnbridge for extended care

Greg K. came to Turnbridge for extended care after completing primary treatment at The Retreat at Lancaster County. He officially graduated from the Turnbridge program on Saturday, August 10, and continues to make gains on the life skills and spiritual principles established during his residency at Turnbridge, as evidenced by his 12-step involvement, consistent exercise regimen, and successful reintegration into college level education.

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 Like many of Turnbridge’s young men, Greg’s issues with addiction initially surfaced while he was away at college. In high school, Greg was a dedicated athlete; his busy schedule helped him to separate from the party crowd. “I was always playing sports, wrestling or soccer,” Greg said. “Partying wasn’t really an option for me.” Greg carried his enthusiasm for athletics into his initial college years, but a string of unfortunate occurrences led him to “put the soccer ball down” and he descended into a lifestyle of drinking and partying. In a short time frame, Greg’s athletic scholarship fell through, he unsuccessfully tried out for a professional soccer team in Philadelphia, and a long-term relationship fell apart.   These events took a harsh toll on Greg, and he began to lose sight of collegiate goals. “I started missing classes, and not doing school work,” Greg said. “I had poor time management [skills], and I wasn’t sleeping or eating right. Life became unmanageable. It got to the point where I broke down emotionally and called my brother.” Greg’s brother convinced him to reach out to their parents for help. His parents, desperately worried but relieved that Greg was seeking help, quickly made arrangements for Greg to enroll in an addiction treatment program. Greg went on medical leave from school during the first semester of his junior year, and he was admitted into a 28-day program at the Retreat at Lancaster County in Pennsylvania. His time there was successful, serving as a “great stepping stone” that prepared Greg for his continuing care at Turnbridge. Turnbridge helped Greg to rediscover the ability and perspective to enjoy live and have fun without resorting to alcohol. “I really enjoyed [Turnbridge],” Greg said. “All I went through was necessary. Without Turnbridge I wouldn’t have wanted to change my ways.” Since graduating, Greg continues to work hard in recovery, maintaining his 12-Step meeting attendance as well as a relationship with his sponsor. He was able to pick up where he left off with school, transferring all previous college credits to Southern Connecticut State University, with the eventual goal of a degree in Marketing. Greg continues to work hard in creating a meaningful life for himself as a sober young man, constantly s reminding himself when faced with life’s obstacles that “impossible is nothing”.