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RYAN C – From Inpatient Treatment to Turrnbridge Recovery

Ryan C. is currently a resident in Phase III

2_RyanC-ResidentRyan C. is currently a resident in Phase III of Turnbridge’s program, expecting to graduate in September. After getting kicked out of college, Ryan made the decision to seek help, and came to Turnbridge after successfully completing inpatient treatment. He is now fully committed to the recovery process and is taking the necessary steps to keep his life on a purposeful track. Ryan first began smoking marijuana around the age of 15, and started using cocaine soon after. He was a member of his high school’s varsity golf team and the drug abuse eventually began taking its toll on his performance. “Golf got me through my childhood and drugs took it away,” Ryan said. “I was looking to go play in college, but I was better as a freshman, before I began using, than I was as a senior.” Ryan finally made the decision to get sober in July of 2012, after getting kicked out of college. “I wasn’t really going anywhere,” Ryan said. “I needed something to change. I didn’t know much about rehab, but I kind of had my back to the wall and I was stuck in the corner.” Before coming to Turnbridge, Ryan spent three months at a wilderness retreat in Nevada and Utah, and also completed a 28-day program at a Hazelden facility. “I didn’t know much about recovery beforehand,” Ryan said. “Since coming to Turnbridge, my whole attitude toward recovery has changed. I needed the motivation to stay sober. Turnbridge allows me to be with guys my age who are serious about the program. I think the opportunity for extended care is essential for addicts. The chances of staying sober increase tenfold. The Turnbridge program is really setting us up for success.” “I’m more motivated now and I have a clear mind. I care about others again. I found the determination to live life and to get something out of it, rather than to just go and get high; that’s all I cared about before. live life and to get something out of it, rather than to just go and get high; that’s all I cared about before. Drug Treatment changed my personality and mood in a good way. I can attest to how much recovery has made an impact on my relationship with my family. The biggest change I’ve seen is how well we’re communicating and how this program has allowed that to happen and kept everyone involved. I couldn’t ask for more supportive parents. Every step of the way they’ve been there. I’m closer with them now than I have been since I start using.” During his residency, Ryan started working parttime at a health food store in New Haven and is currently taking classes at Gateway Community College. “I just finished a semester of school and I did well!” Ryan said. “I was able to attend all of my classes, something that I was unable to do earlier. I started a Golf Team at Gateway. I’m the only person on the team, but that’s ok, it’s an individual sport. They let me practice at the Yale Golf Course and I’m getting back into it. It’s all coming back like it was yesterday.” After successfully completing Turnbridge, Ryan plans to finish up classes at Gateway before hopefully entering a private college back home in Chicago.